The resources on this page are meant to enhance your yoga practice. From the raw beginner to the seasoned practitioners there is something for everyone. **Please consult with your physician before starting any yoga practice**.

Newsletter Divine Insights Dec 2019

Feel free to print as needed and enjoy a deeper practice. Enjoy and check back from time to time to see what is new!

what is Yoga brochure
How to Get the Most from your Yoga Class
Invocation-to-Patanjali – handout
NEW – 8 week beginning class sequences as set forth in the Basic Guidelines for Teachers of Yoga – BKS and Geeta Iyengar.8 week beginners sequence

Audio File of Invocation to Patanjali

The link below is a guided Savasana ( corpse pose done at end of class). This will take a little less than 15 minutes (the total Savasana is about 12 minutes). Enjoy!

New! Easy Sequences!
Many of you have expressed interest in easy sequences to practice between classes and/or private sessions. The below sequences are for you! Each sequence should only take 20-30 minutes. Hold each pose on each side (if applicable) at least 20-30 seconds. Always finish with Savasana (corpse) at the end of each sequence for at least 5 minutes but preferably 10 minutes.

Easy Sequence 4
Easy Sequence 3
Easy sequence 2
Easy Sequence 1