newlogofull “It is through your body, that you realize you are a spark of divinity”, B.K.S. Iyengar

Divine Yoga studio is a Iyengar Yoga –  private home studio offering safe, effective and fun yoga classes to the local communities. Through the teaching of Iyengar Yoga, students can be assured that classes are structured to meet the needs of each student – at every level – with attention to safety, alignment and precision.

Mission The mission at Divine Yoga Studio is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can learn more about Yoga and its practice. In addition, I hope to guide each student to realize the benefits a sustained Yoga practice can bring to his or her life. Through a greater respect for your body, mind and spirit your Yoga practice will help you to see the divine that exists in each one of us.

WORKSHOP! Befriending Backbends Saturday August 20th 2-4PM – Inner evolution Yoga Studio. $40 early-bird registration, $50 the day of. Signup at www.innerevolutionyoga.com

Backbends – friend or foe?befriendingbackbends.v4

For many Yogis, backbends can be both. On one hand backbends open the heart, bring joy and stimulate sluggish body systems. Conversely, practicing backbends demand intense mental and physical effort. Backbends require us to push through our mental and physical boundaries, requiring us to step out of our comfort zones. However, if we can learn to practice these postures with sincerity and focused mental and physical intention, we may discover our newest BFF!
In this workshop we’ll investigate:

· The uneasiness (mental and physical) that accompanies backbends through discussion of the 5 Kleshas (Avidya -ignorance, Asmita- Ego, Raga – Desire, Dvesa- Aversion, and Abinivesha – fear of death). Which, according to Patanjali, are the 5 causes of all suffering (YS. II.3).

· Correct sequencing and alignment in asana practice to move you into these postures in a mindful and non-violent manner.

Workshop will be most effective for those with at least 6 months